Swag 💅

First bracelet Olive’s ever worn 😊 It’s actually to keep Olive entertained, it makes a sound every time it’s moved, so cute!!

Quote of the day

“I thought you were the most beautiful girl until I met Olive” – Wayne Mutiso a.k.a Baby Daddy


She has now officially outgrown this outfit, her toes are right at the end and get squashed when you pick her. I can’t believe she has grown so much, at one point every single piece of clothing she owned was too big!!

All smiles 😊

Olive has began smiling, (smiling because she’s happy, not neonatal smiling) and it’s about the cutest thing in the world!!!!! On saturday I ran into a  family friend of ours that I have not seen in a while, Marcus Ngugi, and let me tell you, my little girl could not wipe her very gummy grin…