What’s Cooking With Tatiana Karanja | Chicken Soup

Welcome to our first episode of What’s Cooking with Zucchini Greengrocers and Bosch Home Appliances, Vibe Proudctions and Tatiana Karanja. Giving you delicious, wholesome recipes perfect for the family. Here we have Tatiana Karanja whipping up some delightful chicken soup, which is also suitable for the little one especially when they are sick and need…

Strong Start – My Nursery school of Choice

As a parent, you want what is best for your child in all aspects of their lives and I am so happy to have found that for Olive in terms of the Nursery School she is going to – Strong Start! I was first introduce to strong start via a playgroup Olive used to attend….

Tokyo – Restaurant Review

I had my very first date with Wayne at Tokyo and since then its always held a special place with me! It was such a great lunch, we filled ourselves on sushi and truth be told Wayne had some sushi left over that I was so very tempted to eat because it was so delicious…

Lunching at the Lakehouse

Hey guys, so I know it’s been a hot minute, with all the difficulties in my pregnancy its been hard to manage life in general but now with the 1st trimester over i’m back at it! With lots to come as well so i’m very excited about it all – #WatchThisSpace! The weekend before last…


Just a quick look at some of her recent epic outfits from Ella’s Baby Store 🙂 I love the outfits I get from there, the quality is great and the outfits are super cute, not to mention you usually get a whole 2 piece or 3 piece set which which can then be mixed and…


Really LOVE this t-shirt from Ella’s baby store. Not only do I love the text because hey lets face it- Olive IS the coolest dude under the sun, but also the fact that its a onesie & t-shirt in one!  

Quality over Quantity?

So a while back I overheard a conversation somewhere  about spending quality or quantity time with your kids- about which one is more important, I can’t remember where exactly I heard this conversation but its stuck in my head ever since. Ive been thinking about it recently and asked my dad what he thought to…


You can shop this cute look at Ella’s Baby Store !  

Sunday Funday #OOTD

We had a great day out with the family yesterday including a little choking scare-Olive now loves to put her head into the water, gosh this girl is just so adventurous! Here are some pictures of the day; P.s You can find this outfit at Ella’s Baby Store & the shoes at Olive & Annie….

DOUBLE Fire Noodle Challenge

I did the DOUBLE fire noodle challenge with Noni the other day for her youtube channel- this was filled with laughter, fun & lots of sweat and nose blowing! Thank you for having me on your channel Noni!!! Please watch more from her page, you will love her! – Click here