LOL 😂😂 This has got to be the funniest passport photo I have ever seen. O’s balding head isn’t making it any better 😂. This was actually quite difficult to get, and the photographer also used flash which you are not supposed to do with babies, but anyway, now we can go get her Australian…

Moments ❤

Just me, my girl & my triple chin 💁 Thank you so much for this EPIC picture @wearebintis 😘 Taken yesterday at kihingo village after a full days work abs meeting 😴 Hair done at Leo’s salon 💁

Baby love ❤

My sister is actually just hilarious! As much as she loves her little Godbaby, hair is her absolute everything. She helped me babysit today while I was working at Leo’s, she walked in carrying one (my) baby, then left carrying another (her baby- human hair extensions) that you can see her staring at so lovingly…

Love ❤

That loving stare 👌 G-ma loves her some O 😊

Bathtime 💧

I had my first bath with Olive yesterday and it was such a beautiful experience. She loves hot water and was super relaxed as if she was at the spa, she even fell asleep floating in the water 😍 (I held her head out of the water of course) #Firsts

Night Drives with Grand

Last night my dad a.k.a Grand (He would like to be known as Grand or Bond) came over around 9 to drop off some Kikuyu porridge that apparently helps with the production of breast milk. We then went for a night drive to help Olive sleep (rough poop night), like he used to do with…