Olive tried Paw Paw for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it. You can see a clip of it on my Instagram @MamaOliveKM

Mother’s day 14/5/2017

I spent my first mothers day (as a mother) with some of my family at Karen country club and I had a great day!!! 😊 We all woke up in a super positive mood and the rest of the day wasn’t very different. I started my day by putting Olive in a top specially for…

A whole lotta new

-Her vocabulary has grown drastically, we are having full on conversations these days which is amazing!!!  -I woke up the other day to Olive just pleasantly staring around the room, not making a sound as if she knew I was sleeping and didn’t want to wake me. -The other day Olive started playful feeding; she…

Bathtime 💧

I had my first bath with Olive yesterday and it was such a beautiful experience. She loves hot water and was super relaxed as if she was at the spa, she even fell asleep floating in the water 😍 (I held her head out of the water of course) #Firsts

Foot prints 👣

I finally got some foot and hand prints done, I wanted to do it as soon as she was born because her feet were just so tiny, I mean they still are but they have already grown so much, either way they are just so precious that I wanted to keep a print forever, perhaps…

First time on grass

Yesterday Olive & I spent the day at Muthaiga country club with some family, I was staring out at the beautiful green grass, wishing ours at home would get back to being that green when I realised that Olive had not been in the grass yet, despite us having a wonderful big garden at home!…

First Family Walk

We have been planning to go on a morning walk for so long and we finally did it this morning.  Olives first walk around the neighbourhood! #Firsts