Moments ❤

So, I caught this moment the other day when we were having lunch at Muthaiga country club, my parents look like they are back together and have had another child, it was so beautiful to watch as they sat together laughing, talking and kissing baby O. Olive being cheeky :p

Night Drives with Grand

Last night my dad a.k.a Grand (He would like to be known as Grand or Bond) came over around 9 to drop off some Kikuyu porridge that apparently helps with the production of breast milk. We then went for a night drive to help Olive sleep (rough poop night), like he used to do with…

Ducky the protector!

Ducky, or so I’ve temporarily named him till Olive picks out her own name, watches over Olive wherever she sleeps. He used to be Wayne’s stuffed animal when he was a baby, I just find it so precious that it’s hers now😊

Beautiful milk stains

MY MILK IS BACK!!! WOOHHOOO!!!Never thought I’d be this HAPPY to have milk stains all over my shirt. I’ve even just squirted all over Olives face and the bed. I have to start wearing breast pads agan, never thought I’d be excited about that either! Big thanks to all of you who gave me advice…